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Which Is The Best Home Direction For Home According to Vastu Shashtra

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If you have ever purchased a home or you have moved into a new house, you might undoubtedly have heard about the term named "Vastu Compliance" during the process of your house hunting at least a few times. This centuries-old science of architecture is still of utmost importance because of its rightful consequences. Even today, there are many homeowners in India to get their homes as Vastu compliant as possible.

According to the ancient texts mentioned in Vastu Shashtra, the choices we opt for making in terms of spatial geometry, layout, and particular aspects, for instance, Vastu for home entrance have a massive effect on the life of the people who are residing in the home. A plethora of our choices has integrated with diverse natural phenomena, for instance, elements of the universe, geometric patterns, directions, etc.

You must be well aware of why some particular directions of a home entrance based on Vastu, are good residents. Meanwhile, there are also some directions that must be avoided to make your house as safe and positive as it would be possible.

Those homeowners who have any kind of confusion about the phenomenal direction of the main door of the house entrance according to Vastu and seeking some efficient suggestions to correct the mistakes made in the home, then this article is a must-read for you to gain a better understanding of everything.

Significance of Main Entrance in Vastu Shashtra

It is explicitly mentioned in Vastu Shashtra that the main entrance of every Indian house is a very crucial factor. Apart from physical movement, when a person enters the house, his energy also enters the house. This energy interacts with the energy of the house that may in turn either produce positive vibes or negative ones which is dependent on a plethora of external factors.

When the entrance of the house is made according to the directions mentioned in the Vastu Shashtra, the cosmic energy that flows through some particular directions may bring harmony, prosperity, and wealth. Meanwhile, the energy that flows from other directions may result in sleepless nights and health hazards. Let's have a better understanding of which are the most favorable directions according to Vastu for home entrance.

Best House Direction According to Vastu

The best home direction according to Vastu is to the northeast. This corner has the most energy because of its exposure to the morning sun. North: A north entrance is your second-best choice according to the entry door Vastu. While the energy in this direction is high, the residents of the house in terms of fortune also benefit greatly from this direction.

East: According to the main door Vastu concept, you must opt for choosing the east direction if you have the desire for power and celebration. However, the east direction is not the best direction. According to the main door house entrance Vastu, you must position the entry of your house to the north side of the wall as much as it would be possible.

According to Vastu other acceptable house directions include:

South-East: According to the Vastu of the home entrance, you must ensure that when it comes to the south wall of your home, your only alternative for an entry is a south-east entrance instead of a south-west one. Vastu restricts placing the entrance of your house in the south. If there is any other entry in the north direction, you may have one here.

North-West: According to Vastu Shashtra, if you establish the doorways of your home in the northwest direction, it will bring an excessive amount of evening sunlight and prosperity. As per Vastu, if you are required to make the entrance of your house on the west side of your house, you must ensure that it faces the northwest direction.

Ideal Materials for Main Entrance Door According to Vastu

The most auspicious main entrance door material is wood. If the door of your house is positioned in the south direction, then it must be made using a combination of wood and metal. The main door positioned in the west direction must be made using metal. While the doors in the north direction must comprise silver colors on them.

Directions for Living Room of the House According to Vastu

The living room of your house is an open playground for all kinds of energies that are entering your home. Vastu Shashtra for the living room suggests that the host must be positioned towards the north and the east direction, while the guests must be seated opposite to the host. It ensures that the best and most optimistic energies flow into your house.

Phenomenal Vastu Directions for Bedroom

According to Vastu Shashtra, the southwest is the phenomenal direction for the bedroom, particularly when it comes to the master bedroom. It is extremely crucial to understand that the southwest direction is focused on the natural attributes ‘Of Earth', which specifies heaviness. Simultaneously, it is also very necessary to mention that the southwest is not the correct direction for the bedroom of kids, guest rooms, or servant rooms.

Directions of Kitchen According to Vastu

The best location according to Vastu for a house to establish your kitchen is northwest or southeast. The reason behind this is that the wind blowing from north to east and south to west doesn't disrupt the fire on the stove.

Locks and Keys Play a Crucial Role in Vastu Shashtra

There are diverse meanings of diverse Vastu directions. For instance, the main entrance attracts good energy, prosperity, and money. Thus, it is extremely essential for you to ensure that the locks of the main door or the entrance door operate very appropriately.

Here, you can find a few points to keep in mind for Vastu for locks and keys: If your house entrance is positioned towards the east direction make use of a copper lock. While for the entrance gate or the main door facing westward, you must opt for making use of an iron lock. Similarly, for the south and north-facing main doors. you must opt for making use of 'Panch Dhatu' and brass locks, respectively. Panch Dhatu is the word that signifies a combination of five metals.

You must ensure that you don't make use of any rusted or broken locks. You must throw away these kinds of locks as according to Vastu these are considered unlucky. And since generally keys are made using metal, there must be the use of wooden key chains for balancing the energies. Don't make use of keychains for the entrance door or main door in shapes, for instance, firearms, scissors, knives, skulls, etc. Rather, the shapes of the keychains must be like flowers, tortoises, or elephants.

If you are getting worried about where should you store the keys to your main door or entrance door, then the master bedroom is the most appropriate location according to Vastu Shashtra. However, you must keep in mind that the keys should be kept in the east or north corner of the master bedroom. You must place them in the rest type of stand for avoiding inviting negative energies. It is strictly restricted to keep the keys on a dining table or shoe rack according to Vastu Shashtra. Directions According to Vastu Shashtra for Different Types of Rooms in the House The direction of the placement or the location is of utmost importance for houses in the Vastu Shashtra. So, here you can find out some critical Vastu directions that are exceptional for varying rooms in the house:

Vastu Directions for Living Room in the House:

The appropriate direction for the living room in the house is dependent on the direction of the house. The living room of the house must be placed in the northeast direction for a north or east-facing house. while, for a house that is west-facing, the entrance of the living room must be placed in the northwest, and for a house that is south-facing, the entrance must be made in the southeast direction.
Vastu Directions for Dining Room of the House: According to Vastu Shashtra, the ideal direction for the kitchens in the house is southeast. However, the south direction is not considered an appropriate direction for the dining room according to Vastu Shashtra. The west direction must be the Vastu direction for the dining room.
Vastu Directions for Bathroom in the House: It is extremely good for you to have the bathrooms of your house in the northwest or north directions. According to Vastu, if the bathroom of your house is in the wrong direction, it may in turn lead to health and money-related problems.
Vastu Directions for Kids Rooms in the House: You may have the room of your children, their playroom, or study room in the North, South, West, or even the East direction of your house. If there is no availability of ample space in these directions, then, North-West or South-East are also phenomenal directions. You must strive to give the kids the west-side bedroom as it is considered to be better according to Vastu. Sobha Neopoils

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